Maradiaga, Aris

Aris MaradiagaMaradiaga, Aris

My name is Aris Maradiaga, my career focus is project management, both in the financial technology industry and in the construction industry. I am currently a project manager from Houston, Texas. My strong skill sets include finance, budgeting and development as well as I am a self-driven communicator and collaborator. I bring a fresh, organized eye to every position I hold, be it in my career or in life. I am a graduate from Mays School of Business at Texas A&M University with a degree in finance. With years of continued experience within my studies, present and past jobs, I am knowledgeable in all aspects of business and finance. Through my experience as a project manager in the construction industry and the financial technology industry, I have gained broad expertise in vendor + private client relations, Aris Maradiagabidding, negotiations, blueprint reviews, project timelines and worker efficiency. I learned the importance of obtaining professional relationships with clients, maintaining an organized business strategy and the ability to integrate accounting software with multiple accounting systems. Moreover, through my past experiences I am a quick, communicative and detailed thinker, allowing me to succeed in attaining goals and develop successful financial planning and project production.